Friday, January 26, 2007

maya and miguel

Yesterday, Aubie and I were watching PBS. As soon as Maya and Miguel came on, she said, "Dat's like you and like Daddy." And as I looked at them I started thinking they kinda do look like caricatures of us. If my eyes were brown, that would be me as a cartoon. Then today she said it again, "Dat's you and Daddy." I'm glad my sweet girl thinks her Mommy and Daddy are so cute. : )


Josh H. said...

Cool. I just hope that when my kids are born that I can show them re-runs of Transformers and hear them say "Daddy, you like Optimus Prime."

That would be so awesome.

Saige said...

That would be the ultimate compliment!

Mark Steidler said...

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Mark Steidler