Tuesday, February 27, 2007

smart girl

Last night, when Aubie was taking her bath, she said, "starts with 'W'". I'm not sure why she said this--maybe because I gave her the W sponge bath letter a few minutes before... Anyway, I said, "Water starts with W." And she said, "No. Not water." And I said a quiet "yes it does" and then,"and Washington starts with W." She said, "Washington, yeah. Washington. Washington Carber, you know." "What?" "Washington Carber, you know." "Yeah, George Washington Carver! Did you learn about him in school? What did he do? Did he make peanut butter?" "And paint, and coffee." I talked to her teacher about it today at school, because I didn't know that he made a type of coffee out of peanuts, but he did! Now, I might actually like peanut coffee.


Smart Aunt Leah said...

Harvard, here we come. But then, she really should go to Auburn.

Saige said...

I know. I really can't help but hope she'll got there. She should get some sort of #1 fan scholarship or something ;)