Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend

Wow. What a weekend. We didn't leave the house till 7:00 Friday night, didn't leave town till 8:00, and didn't get to Rome till nearly 12:00. Yep. What normally takes 2 hours and 30 minutes (+ a few if we stop), took us at least 3 hours and 30 minutes. Traffic was so bad before Atlanta that we had to stop and put some water in the car (our coolant level is low) because it was starting to get a bit overheated. When we stopped, Aubie, who had just refused some candy I offered her--I should have known something was wrong, started acting sick and then threw up all over her clothes and her carseat. I had forgotten to bring a warm jacket, so the windbreaker that I was wearing was hardly enough to keep me warm as we were cleaning and cleaning and cleaning her carseat with homemade baby wipes. Thank goodness I had recently made some, because we just about used up the WHOLE container. We had to put Aubie's jammies on, then buy some stinkin' expensive gas station air freshener and put her jacket in the seat so she wouldn't be sitting on wet the whole way to Dorenda's. Then, in Cartersville, guess what? At 11:30 Friday night, in Cartersville, Ga. I saw snow for the first time this season. In April. We stopped at Quicktrip as always to get David's coffee--the boost he needed to make it the extra 30 minutes in the snow--and we were finally almost there. By this time, Aubie was asleep, so the child still has yet to see any snow : (

The next day, as Aubie calls her, "my cousin" and her mom came to Granny's and she and Aubie played all day. They had an Easter egg hunt in the cold wind and had a lot of fun. Haven and Connie came back to Granny's on Sunday and David's brother Ricky came too. We were invited to hunt Easter eggs next door with Jacob and Lauren (Hannah works with their older sister Emily and David used to work with their Dad in Rome) in their annual 100 Easter Egg Hunt. Last year, there were only 2 that they didn't find. And guess what? I found one of the missing 2. As you can see in the picture, the jolly rancher wrapper remained in tact, while the actual candy disappeared. Cool, huh? There was also a piece of yucky trident gum in there--I decided not to include it in the picture.

At church, before the Easter egg hunt, we finally got to see Hannah! We had a good time visiting and Lorna and Aubie had a lot of fun together. I wish they could play together more often : ( But maybe we can go up for a few days this summer : ) Ok, well, I will quit typing so you can enjoy the pictures. Of course I had to take some levy pictures. TO ALL THE MOMS AND GRANDMOMS OUT THERE- DON'T WORRY! This pregnant lady did not walk to the top of the levy. I could just hear the hollers in my head, "You better not walk up that levy. What if you fell?!?", and decided against it.


Aunt Karen said...

I missed seeing you guys on Saturday, but so glad you got to go to Rome and see Aubie's family there and friends. Beautiful pictures!

kev said...

Aubie takes the best pictures...