Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've got a...

New Attitude (0k, just had to use the song). New Attitude was so great. We enjoyed awesome worship, great teaching, and fun fellowship. Those of us on the worship team at 0ur church are looking forward to incorporating some of the wonderful new songs we learned this past weekend. Though most of the pictures you see here were taken by me, I didn't have the camera as much as David, so he took most of the pictures while we were there (I wanted to take some really awesome pictures, but my bag was already so heavy, carrying a camera bag as well would have done me in!).

Ok, Pictures. As chronological as possible:

Steve and Renee (and Elena's arm and the oatmeal cream pies) at our lunch stop at some school's parking lot in Tennessee--this just after our visit to the fabulous Truck Stop where a complete stranger started talking to us about the beauty queen of that region not being very pretty and wearing extremely large undergarments (this was one of my pictures--Don't you love the Little Debbie advertisement?).

A picture I took while passing this awesome t-rex in Kentucky. Sorry his head is chopped off, but we were going about 70 miles an hour, so...

An example of seating arangements. We had to hurry to get seats together before every meeting--sometimes a whole row, most times 2 half rows.
Our hotel was a couple of blocks away from the conference center, so we all got plenty of exercise to walk off the 8 hour drive and all the fast (and not so fast : ) ) food.

This is a shot I took of the foggy security camera that Leah fondly referred to as "the dream sequence". "Remember that time at Arby's when we waited an hour in line to order?" (begin playing dreamy-harp-flashback music).

Last night of the conference. Drove a few miles into Indiana to Steak and Shake to discuss the conference, but mostly John Piper ; ) I personally was voting for the Waffle&Steak (we left our camera!!!! and I didn't get a picture), but Steak and Shake probably had more available seating.

Failed attempt to get the head on the way home. Didn't even come close this time... but got a nice shot of the sign.
As you can see, we had a lovely time. I am so grateful for the experience. I learned so much and have been trying to start putting it into practice. Now if I can just get caught up on my sleep : )


Joshua said...

this is lyndsay not josh by the way...great pictures, saige! it's nice to see other people's pictures when you've worn your own out. it was nice spending so much time with you last weekend. we all need to have a get together at my house soon. i realized how much i've missed you guys over the last few months!

Saige said...

That would be a lot of fun! It's been ages since we've done that, hasn't it? I loved seeing you guys's pictures too. You got some of the shots that I would have wanted to get if I had the camera and had not had pregnancy brain that, as always, kept me from thinking straight.

(the real) Josh H. said...

The things I learned at new attitude (songs included) have been such a help to me these last couple of weeks. I have been consistently reading and studying my Bible daily and God is giving me so much more understanding of His word.

Oh and thanks for posting the great pictures!