Thursday, May 24, 2007

maternity refashion

The before pictures: 1. A horrible wonky pair of maternity capris that never fit and the only time I wore them was the other day, suffering the entire time. (paid $4.00 for them during first pregnancy) 2. A good pair of jeans-- though not quite enough flare, plenty long!--but the waist went up a bit too high even when I wasn't pregnant (got them on sale for $9.00).

3. the After picture. Looks a bit wonky (the sewing is, a bit. but they fit, so maybe I'm a bit wonky). Newly made maternity jeans! Cost: $13.00 in all, but once you figure the age of the wonky capris and the previous use of the long jeans, I'd drop the cost down to at least $10.00. More refashions to come!

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