Friday, May 18, 2007

school picture and school party

School is out for the summer. Woohoo!
Many of you have heard my agonizing story of the school pictures. For those of you who haven't, this picture pretty much explains it all. Basically, I'm in the picture to get Aubie to be happy enough to get her picture taken. Obviously, it didn't work. This was the only one that was taken, and it is pitiful, isn't it? When they gave everyone else 8 sheets, they only gave me one. Wonder why? ; )
The other picture is from Aubie's school party. She DID NOT want a real party. Just a school party. Better for me, because a school party is definitely cheaper. I decided to take advantage of a Saturday birthday, though, and sneak in a family party Saturday afternoon. Since she gets to see MarMar and Ma, she's ok with that kinda party.