Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aubie is always telling me how to reply to her questions. Like, if she wants some "gummies"(fruit snacks), she'll say, "Mommy, I have some gummies? Say, 'Ok, Aubie.' " So the other night before bed, she asked me, "Mommy, I have somefin?" I reluctantly replied, "I guess so. What would you like?"
"How 'bout some peanut butter crackers?"
"Say, 'Crackers it is!' "

Then yesterday, though not in response to a question, she told me what say. I am so proud of how quickly she just up and started wearing panties all the time and going potty, so I was telling her and she said in a sentimental voice, "Say, 'Our wittle monkey's growing up." So I did, because that is exactly what she is--our little monkey.
A picture of the little monkey who decorated her pajamas with stickers and made sure that her eyes were crossed before I snapped the picture : )


kev said...

I'm going to try this during my next performance review at work.

Boss: So what are you salary demands?

Me: I would like a $50k raise. Now say, "of course...whatever you want."

Boss: Of course? Whatever you want?

Me (to self): Thanks, Aubie.

Josh H. said...

Actually you could use that in many different situations:
-at restaurants ("say 'your order will be out in 3 seconds'")

-in line at the bank ("say 'I can skip to the front of the line'")

-at the checkout of any store ("say 'this item is free'")

Yes, thanks, Aubie.