Monday, March 31, 2008

events from March (in no particular order) *picture added

Easter. Aubie, her baby, and I were all dressed alike (no, I didn't make our outfits. Mom got Aubie's dress and matching doll dress, and I found a matching top for me the day before).

After pictures, Aubie changed into this shirt that I made her. Didn't have time to make her baby a matching shirt for the egg hunt.

My little snuggly baby fresh out of the tub : )

St. Patrick's Day. Since we weren't planning to go anywhere on the 17th, no one would see our green, so we all wore our outfits the day before at church.
When I saw this one, I was wondering what that weird thing in my hair was then I remembered it was my mic (those things really do look strange on, don't they?)
Aubie and Matthan's St. Patty's Day wear courtesy of Aunt KK.
These pictures at sunset were on the day of.

This moth was o
n Ma's doorstep one evening as we were leaving. Pretty cool to look at when it was still, but when it started flying, it freaked me out. That thing was huge!

Tacky Night at Cubbies (AWANA). Earlier that day, we made a kite using embroidery thread, twigs, tape, and a Hobby Lobby bag. I was afraid the huge wind gusts would go away before I made a decent kite, so it was pretty shabbily put together. As pitiful as it was, it went as high as the house before the embroidery thread got all tangled and then ran out. Miss Elizabeth tackled it and tore it before I could get a good picture, sorry. It wasn't much to look at anyway. It was fun though : )

David sold his jeep. I was sad to see it go, but the little guy who bought it seemed really nice, and so happy to be getting his first off-roader.
And here's the replacement:

Way better gas mileage!

So, it only took me... a long time to get this posted. Today is April 10th, and I started this at the end of March.

Crafty Tips (from items featured in this post): 1) My friend Cristi gave me the idea for Aubie's flower shirt (an idea she got from an Ebay boutique). She was making her daughter one and inspired me to do the same. To get the ribbon flowers to stay on, she used E6000. I had never used it and was terrified, but it went well, and without the tacky stitches that I would have probably done, Aubie's shirt looks almost store bought.
2) Aubie's pink jacket she's wearing in the Easter pictures is actually a shirt I got at Walmart the day before for like $3.50. Since I was borrowing Mom's surger (actually Ma's--Thanks Ma!), I just cut down the center of the v-neck shirt, surged both sides and then glued them under with--yep, you got it!--E6000. It was just perfect to complete her outfit and to give her a sleeve, but not too heavy.
3) The leggings Aubie is wearing with her St. Patrick's Day outfit are actually some of her baby tights that I cut the bottoms off of then FrayCheck-ed all the way around to prevent runs. Since they were all ball-y, I turned them inside out. If I hadn't told you, you never would have known, huh? Oh, and her socks are just plain old white socks with green rick-rack sewn around them (thanks for doing the sewing for me, Mom).


Graham said...

Lovely pictures. I love to see your posts. I wish there were some way to make the words stay under or beside the post without doing that weird thing they do. Jen Miles puts lots of pics with the wording correctly spaced. Maybe you can find out her trick.

Saige said...

Well, I adjusted it a bit. Hopefully when I post again it should work right. There were a couple of formatting things that were checked as "no" when they should have been "yes". The wording just worried me because it said "check no if you are having layout problems". Well, I was, so why should I check "yes"? But I did, and I think its working better.

Renee Douglas said...

You are so creative when it come to making "new" things out of old or different things. That is such a special gift. Your family always looks so cute. I love the pictures.