Thursday, March 27, 2008

events that took place in february...

Ok, so I'm just now getting to the pictures I took in February. There's actually a few more, but not on my camera, so I don't know that my birthday or other important events will ever be documented on this post , sorry. I did record Matthan's first feeding, but that is in video form, and to keep this page from taking forever to show up, I'll put that in another post. I feel kind of sad that I didn't blog for the whole month, especially when one of those days was the last birthday I'll have for another 4 years. Oh well. Here's a little proof that I did do a thing or two last month, though (not at all in order... these first pics were from a two day trip to Rome on the 24th and 25th)

4 reasons to miss Rome: cool landmarks, pretty buildings, and the best Chili's ever (that just got a remodel--isn't it fancy?)
And of course, Granny : )

Aubie and a shot of the new red tiled tables at Chili's (these are nice, but I miss the old blue ones)

Despite all the time in his car seat those 2 days, he still managed to keep a smile on his face :)

Our annual Christmas get-together got postponed until January due to my new baby and expected bad weather. Then it was postponed till February due to snow (that seems to come more often now that I don't live up there. When I lived there, folks around here got snow. I think it hates me). Oh well. Maybe this year we'll celebrate Christmas together.

Matthan, so excited to see tiny Joelle. Aunt Dinah smiling for the camera.

Don't worry, (Mom).Matthan's not hurting her. He just had reached to touch her face as David snapped the picture.

The only picture I got of Margo with her eyes open, and its blury. She was so adorable, but I had trouble photographing the busy little thing : )

Joelle and Hannah (and her doesn't-even-look-like-she-just-had-a-baby self)
Levy pictures... how long has it been since I had some of those? These are Aubie, Lorna, and Lorna' s cousin Phoebe.

Sometime toward the end of the month, I made another quilt for a shower gift. I finished it at 8:59--the shower ended at 9:00. Well, at least I finished!

Just another ordinary day that I took pictures of something out-of-the-ordinary in an attempt to make myself post something on my blog. Aubie loved her star sandwich.

Cute Matthan pics. Looks like he's posing in both of them--the first one as a 193o's movie star.

I read Snow White to Aubie and Matthan listened intently. By the look he has in the second picture, you'd think he could see through the book to the page I'm reading (I think Snow White's witch is the scariest one too, Matthan).

This is one of his normal funny expressions--not sure what day it is, but it was in February.

Valentine's Day. Aubie made a mobile for a Cubbies project. Instead of the tacky hearts-on-a-clothes-hanger idea they suggested, we did a "green" project and made another use for a plastic Folgers lid.

I made Aubie a bag from some cute Valentine fabric from Aunt Evelyn.

I bought some new baby oil, and when I tried looking at David across the room through it, he told me how freaky my eyes looked. Boy did they ever!

Matthan's first feeding post will probably be the next one, then Events That Took Place in March, then the meme that Heather challenged me to, then hopefully I'll find a way to get back on track with all this. I know I've promised it before, though, so we'll see.


Aunt Karen said...

Hurray! New post; new pictures. Is The Saige Page back? I sure hope so!

Love to all, KK

Graham said...

Cute photos of my cute grandkids! Yeah!

zeez said...

Oh my gosh, she posted! That pic of Matthan DOES look like a 30's movie star! So cute!

becki said...

Thanks for the comments! It's always fun to check out blogs and see what fun ideas others come up with!! How fun that our sons are close in age! I have really enjoyed being a mom so far! I know for a fact my sister wouldn't mind if you used the wookie bib idea. I don't think she had a pattern for it, so all you probably can do is trace off the picture I have posted. If you need a bigger/better picture let me know! Enjoy!

kev said...

Great pictures! Although, Dinah's giant tattoo did frighten me a bit...

Renee Douglas said...

I'm so glad you had time to write another post. I know it's tough to do one-handed! Your kids are so precious.