Monday, April 21, 2008

fish for a day

We walked to the pond today (started this post 4 days ago). And though I desperately wanted to catch a tadpole, I only saw one. When I finally figured out what to catch him with--Matthan's baby food jar--he was gone.

So, I caught a minnow instead. Up with that scoop came some pond sediment, and some form of larvae that I'm hoping wasn't mosquito. I also got a a small lily pad so the minnow wouldn't feel too out of its element. Aubie named it Lolly. Since I had no way of finding out if this centimeter-long minnow was a girl or a boy, I figured we had a 50/50 chance of it being a "Lolly"*.

Though she came home in a Gerber container, she quickly graduated to something much bigger--a frappucino jar.But, by the afternoon, I started to realize that Lolly may want more room to swim around in, and I wasn't going to buy a fish bowl for a minnow that I didn't even know how to feed. So I convinced Aubie that we needed to take Lolly back. After several I-don't-want-to's, Aubie finally said, "Yeah, her need to go back to her family."
That evening, Leah, Aubie, Matthan, and I walked to the pond (only Matthan was in the stroller) to take Lolly back home.

If you click on this picture, and you stare really hard at the upper middle of the jar, you can see Lolly.

Aubie saying goodbye to her fish.

A parting glance.

Aubie and the rest of the farewell party, sans photographer.

Getting a fish and then taking it back all in the same day was too much excitement for this little fellow.

It was such a nice evening, David went for a ride and met us on our way back home.

Goodbye Lolly. We miss you :)

*Besides the name Sally (and now, Wendy), Aubie's favorite name is Lolly. If a Lolly has a sister, its Tolly, and after that, its anything else that rhymes.

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Aunt Karen said...

I love the parting glance picture of Aubie. That would make a nice framed photo. Matthan really is growing and I can tell he has so much personality. He looked just like his Uncle Daniel in that crib picture, though I do see flashes of Aubie in him, too. What a cute little boy...I better get to hold him soon or he'll not have a clue who I am and won't let me! Has Aunt Leah cut her hair or is it pulled back in a pony tail???? Thanks for recording and sharing the events of the past few days. Love to all...KK