Friday, April 25, 2008


all my troubles seemed so far away (at the beginning of the day, anyway).

Matthan has been pulling up on things for about a week now, but yesterday morning was the first time he pulled up in his crib. (Some folks might recognize this little face from about 27 years back--here he reminds me so much of some of Daniel's baby pictures.)
Renee brought her kids to the park in our neighborhood and the kids got to feed the ducks and geese. Aubie, Jill, and Daniel had so much fun, and as you'll see in the video, the free food caused quite a stir!

Matthan so enjoys the outdoors. He was quite contented watching the kids and the geese for... well, a little while.

When we got home, I started getting excited about our ladies group's craft night. I planned to go late so I could feed Matthan and put him to bed before I left--I knew it would be impossible to do crafts with him getting into everything. I did that, and got there around 8:00. Still plenty of time to eat, fellowship, and work on crafts. But 7 minutes after I got there, my far-away troubles called me on the phone. With a very worried voice, David told me that the spot on Aubie's face that we had discussed at supper was not a bug bite, but poison ivy. : ( "Oh, and Matthan's awake now too." Double : ( So, I hurriedly finished up my piece of pie and stuffed the rest of my baby carrots in my mouth grabbed a cup of coke and was out the door again. Off to CVS to get poison ivy stuff and back home to treat the poor dear.

Here's David putting the stuff that gets rid of the poison oils on her fingers.

The girl loves pink, but its so sad to see it on her face : (
(Speaking of pink, I'll post the pictures of the Cherry Blossom Festival soon. They've been hanging over my head for far too long.)

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