Thursday, May 15, 2008

walks to the park

, its been a while. I've had this one in my head for a few days, but am just now getting around to it. (And look, after I wrote that, it still took me almost a week to get it posted.)
Anyway, these are just various pictures of our walks to the park the past week or two. Mostly we walk in the evening before Matthan's bath then bedtime. But we do go during the day some as well. Anytime we go, we have to walk down to the pond to look for tadpoles or to see how big the baby ducks are getting. This post is about what we do when we're there. No captions, just pictures this time.
I've got a few more pictures to add to this one tomorrow, but I told Aunt Karen I'd post today, so here it is. When you se
e *updated*, you'll know I added them.

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becki said...

looks like you guys have a great time! we've not yet got maxton on the swings yet, but a couple weeks ago when we went to the park they didn't even have them out yet! we are going to the black hills this weekend, so I am anxious to take him to Mt. Rushmore and hopefully get some fun pictures. it's so much fun when you have kids of your own!