Monday, May 05, 2008

cinderelly, cinderelly *updated

Saturday night, Leah and I surprised Aubie by taking her to see Cinderella.
If you click on this oddly shaped, badly put together photo of Aubie, you'll find that its one picture of legs and another of the rest of her. I had to find some way to get rid of Eda. I knew she would fuss if she looked on my blog and found a picture of her that (she would consider) is quite unflattering! But I just love how Aubie is sitting--you can just sense her anticipation. You might be wondering why I didn't cut Leah out on Photoshop. Well, after an hour of trying, I realized if I don't have time for flowcharts, I don't have time to prettily cut people out of pictures, either.

In fact, you can just deal with the fact that this post has several bad pictures. You can't use a flash during a play, and when people move and there's no flash, its just bound to be shaky. But I thought these statues were pretty cool. They were actually people dressed up and they did a great job at staying still. Thus making them the only non-blurry things in these pictures.

After Cinderella, the drama team did their version of Stomp! and the audience was advised to take their small children out at their discretion since it "is hiphop" and "some things might not be appropriate" for younger viewers. I was quite appalled at them feeling the need to turn Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella into a "Follies" event (there was a one act play before the musical as well). But, we could never have gotten this lovely shot of the prince and Aubie if we hadn't had to leave the auditorium for "Stomp!". He just happened to walk through while we were waiting for it to be over, and kindly agreed to get a picture with Aubie. She was so happy!

I caught Cinderella and the prince as soon as they turned the corner after the show and asked could we get a picture. It turned out great except for the one-act people behind them. Maybe one day I can figure out how to Photoshop them out. Until then, I'll just leave them there. I don't feel like chopping up anymore pictures today.Look at this! Mom's cousin Sue sent this to me last night. When Aubie saw it , I think she was a little confused, because she didn't remember having stood in front of a castle. When I explained it to her though, she said, "That's cool!"


Graham said...

That is cool, Sue! You are amazing! Love, Danna

zeez said...

Those are cute pictures, and the prince and Cinderella look like nice people. That was an amazing job that your she did on that last picture!!

Aunt Karen said...'s so great to know that our family is staying connected through your blog, Saigie! Susie, thanks for photoshopping in the beautiful new fairytale background. I would love to know how you, Sarah, and Tracy are. I loved Aubie's picture of utter anticipation, Saige. I want to share this post with my kindergarten girls! They'd be awestruck. Love, KK

Amanda said...

saige, I'm in germany and I have a blog!

aubie is so pretty and cute. Jen has pictures like that of chandler from disney princesses on ice!