Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! (#191)

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

My first plans for a TLAPD party fell flat since hardly anyone could be there. So I tried to get together a kids party with a treasure hunt, etc. and that didn't work out either. Leah suggested--since I was so distraught over not having a party anymore--that we still dress up like pirates and go to lunch at a restaurant named after a pirate, Long John Silver's. Great idea! So that's what we did. When we got there, I was afraid we were going to disturb the other customers--I had no idea the place was so small!!!--but most folks either seemed not to notice or seemed slightly amused.

From the top: Matthan, Jill, Aubie, Daniel, Aubie again, Jill again, Brandon, Caleb, and Christian.

The pirate cupcakes. I found this idea (and many copies) on the internet. Not sure, but I think this one is the original. I hate red dye, so I did blue and green bandannas instead.

Jill, Hanna, and Aubie

The three youngest pirates, Matthan, Caleb, and Wendy (it looks like she's doing a balancing act keeping that thing on her head!)


Josh H. said...

Glad you guys were able to celebrate anyway. Great pics.

Aunt Karen said...

so glad you got to get your inner pirate out, Saige! loved seeing these little pirates, too.

Graham said...

All the lil' pirates were just precious as were the pirate cupcakes. A precious pirate - that's should be an oxymoron, right? Glad you got to have a pirate party after all.

Saige said...

Thanks, I'm glad too (to all three of you). It just doesn't seem right if I don't dress up like a pirate at least once a year!

Dragonflydownunder said...

Such cute pirates!! (oops I think thats an oxymoron too!)