Tuesday, September 16, 2008

two in a row

Be sure to check out the post under this... I just didn't want to overwhelm one post with too many craft pictures, so I thought I'd just do two in a row.
Also, this is my 190th post. I'm going to try to get my next 10 posts in within the next 3 weeks, so keep checking the Saige Page. I'm giving away a prize on my 200th!

These are Aubie's "crazy shoes" that we made for crazy shoe night at Cubbies. They were scuffy white, but I spray painted them light pink and glittered them up while they were still wet. I made the pompoms out of silver ribbon. If ever she wants to wear them, she asks for her "crazy shoes".
This is Aubie's Polly house. The Pollys are from Happy meals and she loves playing with them (she wants some real Pollys for Christmas), so I promised her we'd make a house that they could live in. Since we made it last week, I don't think she's really played with anything else much. In this first picture, our model is standing in the kitchen.

This is an Aubie Lane original that is displayed in the living room. Drawn in 2008, its of Aubie and her brother Matthan. Notice how she ran out of room for the rest of her name and circled back around between the two children.

Here we have the bedroom.

This is the bathroom.
Oh, look who's here!

So far, I haven't figured out how to make their furniture, but I'll post again when the house is completed.

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The Rich Family said...

impressive! Aubie is so blessed to have such a creative mom!