Thursday, October 02, 2008

the park (#193)

David was off on Monday, so we decided to go to the park for lunch.

I love these pictures he took of the kids.

Aubie coming down the slide. (David)

Matthan and Daddy.

Aubie climbing the giant flower.

David got these shots of Matthan in the middle of a tantrum. I can't remember why--they're pretty frequent these days--but I think it was because he didn't want to leave.

Then, this has nothing to do with the park, but I wanted to show the sandwich that inspired the artwork beside it. Aubie loved her sandwich (the other star looking thing is supposed to be a butterfly) so much that she wanted to draw a picture of it. I love my imaginative girl!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures. Our computer messed up big time, so since we just got it back yesterday, I haven't had time to download photoshop or anything. Flickr is great, but I don't know about using it for blog posting.

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Graham said...

I can't get over my boy being a little boy - he's no longer a baby. Aaaaaahhhhh! I love my grandkids. Mom