Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Birthday! (#194)

Happy Birthday, Matthan!

Its hard to believe that the birthday boy was ever that little tiny radioactive glowworm (courtesy of the bili-lights). He began protesting being "held like a baby" when was 2 months old, and has rarely let anyone do so since. And now that he's one, he really is that big boy that he's wanted to be all along. Here's a few pictures of his big day.

Matthan was a bit tired from our long day, but thoroughly enjoyed his sweet potato Ma cooked him.
After supper it was present time!

Mommy excited about socks.

Matthan excited about the wagon.
One of his favorite toys is the sand castle, bucket,
and shovel from Ma that I'm opening here.

He was so happy about this terribly noisy car that I got. It plays "Y'all ready for this?" : ) I don't know that I ever will be ready for the noise, but he loves dancing to it and then pushing his car along.

Loves his car.
Loves his car.
He sees it.

His firetruck! With Aubie demonstrating how to drive it.
Thanks MarMar!

Matthan's turn! We couldn't get him to keep his hat on, so Mom held it on for this picture.

Here he is calling the fire station.

*Added note: While Matthan played with his new sand toys today--10/06/08--Aubie was playing firefighter. After seeing her have so much fun calling the station about fires, driving around to find them, etc., he wanted to play too. When he got in the car, he started shouting into the radio hollering orders. It was so funny. I think he's going to learn quickly how to pretend since he has such a great teacher.

And lastly, the cake pictures.

Matthan just picked at it to begin with--the icing was too sticky.

Obviously, that didn't last for long!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday! The first year has flown by so fast.

Aunt Karen said...

Oh, my! That last cake picture is hysterical!!! I'm so glad he had a good day and that we got to see him earlier. Such a cutie pie, just like his big sister!
We love y'all! KK

becki said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe I have a 1st Birthday coming up in my house too. Gone are the infant days, bring on those toddlers!