Monday, November 10, 2008

and the winner is...

Ok, I'm finally posting the contest results. Sorry. It's been a busy weekend. First, I wanted to show these pictures of our trip to Callaway Gardens Thursday. I met up with Sarah, a friend from my YWAM days. We hadn't even talked in 12 years until she found me on Facebook. Anyway, her girls are 3 and 2, and my kids are 4 and 1, so it turned out to be a great playdate and time to catch up.

We fed the ducks.

While we were eating this crane (or whatever) flew right down and started walking around. I'm kinda glad Matthan didn't notice--I was afraid his aggressive love of animals might cost him an eye or something.

These are all at the Day Butterfly Center. Its awesome how the butterflies just float all around you. Sarah and her girls had butterflies land on them several times!

This is also at the Day Butterfly Center. I Sepia-ed this one because it looked so old-fashioned like a photo in a conservatory or something, and Aubie and Matthan looked so early 1900's in it. (Click on it to make it bigger--I had my camera set so the pictures would be smaller and forgot to adjust it when uploading)

We took some goodbye pictures under this pretty tree. The drive out there and back was absolutely gorgeous--I wish I had taken some pictures. Sadly, this is the only fall tree I got.

Ok, back to "the winner is"... It's Miss Debbie! Congratulations! You'll be getting your prize in the next week or so. Thanks to all who participated. There'll be a Christmas contest in December, so be sure to keep checking!


Miss Debbie said...

Well, what do you know?!?!?! I'm excited. I'm glad you got to go the gardens. It is a beautiful place.

Aunt Karen said...

That one you sepia's is a framer! So beautiful! And I agree very other-time-like.

Can't believe how tall AL is getting and how toddlerish Matthan has become. Can't wait to see y'all for Thanksgiving.

Aunt Karen said...

I meant "sepia'd" !!! If I'm going to be inventing words, I may as well keep some semblance of what passes for the King's English!