Monday, November 03, 2008

its here... #200

I've been debating what to post about for my 200th post. Should I make it pertain only to the fact that it is my 200th post, or should I just do something normal? And I decided, since I have trouble finding the time to post anyway, I might as well just go with normal. Otherwise, you wouldn't see the Fall Festival pictures till closer to Christmas ; )
Cinderella. Her dress is one of the Cinderella dress-up dresses that is made shorter for playing in (given to her on her birthday by her friends Jill and Daniel--thanks!). I was afraid if we let her wear it by itself that her little legs would freeze off. And I wanted it to be long like the real Cinderella dress. Mom helped me gather the crinoline that I had (a square dancing one I got at the SA) and I made the silver skirt by spray painting some sheer fabric I had and adding glitter to it. So it was good and poofy and Cinderella-y.
She looked a bit more like Sleeping Beauty when we got there. Poor thing fell asleep on the way.
Riding Thomas the Train.
Two different slides--I couldn't seem to ever get a picture of her at the top and then the bottom of the same one.

Playing Hockey.

Probably a bit juvenile for for her, but at least she won some candy : )
Oh, and in case you're wondering where the brother is, he was too sick to come--he would have made a cute mouse for Cinderella.

Ok. Let's get down to business. If you want to participate in the contest, here's what you do: Just leave a comment. Yep, that's it. One comment. (Though I would love to read multiple comments from you, leaving more than one won't increase your chances.) The deadline is 8:00pm this coming Friday. So be sure to get your comments posted in time!


becki said...

What a cute Cinderella! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!!!

Heather said...

A darling Cinderella! Congrats on 200!

Renee Douglas said...

I love how you made her dress longer, it's so pretty! She is such a sweet Cinderella, I love to hear her sing the songs from the movie!

I can't believe you've already reached 200 posts! Congrats! Right now I think I'm on post 62, in two years that's pretty sorry.

Anyway, I'm glad you all had a great fall festival. Sorry that Matthan was sick, that was a bad week for sickness :(

Miss Debbie said...

What a sweet "Aubie-rella"! :) Be sure to look at Jen's blog to see a dark haired "Chandler-Belle" and an adorable Tink"!!! I'm not sure how you have time to post, but I'm sure glad you do---it's a great way to keep up with your family.

Aunt Karen said...

I didn't remember there was a contest. I need to go back an re-read! Anyway, anytime you want to post...historic or normal, is great for KK.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on #200!

Daniel Dean said...

Woohoo! 200 posts. What is the contest?

Jennifer said...

I Love reading your posts and seeing your pictures! I have kept quiet so far but hey! I love contest!!

Graham said...

I didn't make the deadline, but no crying here. I just love to see my girl post about her family. Cute Cinderella! She sure favors you in the pic at the bottom of the slide.