Monday, February 16, 2009

3 weekends and a haircut

Three Fridays ago, Renee and her kids celebrated Chinese New Year with us. The kids had great fun playing with the lion/dragon. We also made this dragon puppet. And as it always is with a complicated craft and little hands, the big hands did most of the work. :)

The following Monday, Matthan got his first haircut. It was about time! Poor fellow had a mullet and a half. He did really well because:
1) he had to sit in Mommy's lap. 2) he got a sucker. 3) there was a dog. If any one of these three things had not been present, these pictures would look a lot different!
(Notice picture #2. If we had wanted him to have a genuine official 1980s mullet, we could have left it like that. I love McGyver, but...not his hair.)

From the Friday of the Chinese New Year celebration, to the following Friday, Matthan had sicknesses of every sort, from an ear infection to sores in his mouth, to teething, and a horrible cold. It was a miserable week! But by Saturday, he was feeling better and we...

Went to Rome. It was a last minute trip, so I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to (we're coming to see you next time, Erin!), but it really was a great trip. I introduced Aubie to the folks I used to work with at the credit union and showed her the apartments where she spent the first 8 months of her life. While driving by there, I saw that my old neighbor was home, stopped by to say hey, and found out she was having a really hard time with a medical problem. I got to pray for her, and it made us both cry. She said she had just been thinking about me the day before. The whole trip was so good, I felt like it really was God-ordained.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, when we were Romans, we ate at Chili's! So whenever we go, that's what we do.

After Chili's we went to Winshape (at Berry College) and took some pictures. Left to right: Tiffany (Brandon's girlfriend, very nice!), Brandon (David's nephew), Dorenda, Matthan, David, Aubie (with her eyes closed), and me.
One looks like he's posing and isn't. The other is obviously posing. Obviously.

After that, we went to Dorenda's sister's house to pick up Dorenda's old car, and there were horses! I couldn't keep either child away from them, so I just had to watch closely. Ever since David was bitten by a horse (the horse got mad that he stopped feeding it and bit him in the back) I've been very cautious around horses. But Matthan and Aubie had no fear. Matthan probably would've hopped up on it and rode off if there hadn't been a fence : )

Craft! For Valentine's day, I got David this shirt combo. Only, I thought the grey tshirt looked kinda plain and needed to match the green plaid a bit better. So, I did something I've been wanting to do for a while: make Abercrombie-style letters. Basically, jersey fabric under felt lettering. It was a lot easier than the felt letters I made for New Years, let me tell you! His shirt says "father" in Russian. I just love the way Russian looks (and sounds)--I just knew it'd look awesome on a tshirt. (sorry it looks wonky--I forgot to take the picture before David wore it, then put it in the dirty clothes. So, yeah. Its a bit wrinkly now.)

best of all , this weekend we all got to meet Kenaz, Leah's boyfriend. I think they make an absolutely adorable couple! He is such a great guy. I'm so happy to know him, and even happier he found my sister!


Heather said...

That place you got Mathan's hair cut at looks very familiar! :) So happy to hear Leah's good news. Great job with the dragon and the shirt!

Graham said...

Such great pictures and some memorable events - the Chinese New Year dragon and David's "Russian" shirt, Matthan's first (much-needed) haircut, the trip to Rome(Brandon's girl sure favors Sunny Brook), eating at Rome's Chili's, and seeing Dorenda so happy with her grandkids! But happiest picture of all, Leah and Kenaz, just from the simple fact that this has been so long awaited! Good post, Saige!

Aunt Karen said...

Yes, wonderful post, Saigie. Thank you for the update (much-anticipated!). I can't believe how old Brandon looks! Your pictures are all great. I love the ones of Leah and Kenaz. So is that what Leah calls him?

becki said...

Wow! You sure have been busy! Matthan's haircut is so cute, although the mullet look was cute too!

The Rich Family said...

Congratulations to Leah! Praise God, I know she definitely waited for just the right one! Also I was wondering if you could e-mail your new address to be at so you can get an invitation to the wedding. I would LOVE to see you again!