Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where has March gone? (lots of pictures)

We knew this was going to be a busy month--we had something planned for every weekend--but who knew it would be over so quickly?

  • A day or two before March arrived, we were outside playing like this:

  • On March 1st, we were playing in the snow.

  • On Monday, March 9th, David started his new job. He seems to be enjoying it so far, but his descriptions of climbing inside the fuel tank of a C-130 almost make me hyperventilate. I'm a bit clostrophobic, and I do believe I'd die before my first paycheck.

  • The weekend of the 15th, our friends Michael and Erin came to lead worship at our church. They did an awesome job! And Aubie loved playing with their kids again. Did I get any pictures of this very fun weekend? No, I forgot. But their son Thomas did. Lots. I just don't know how to get his pictures on my blog.

  • Matthan got into his share of messes this past month. He's getting into the gum in my purse in these pictures. I think the gum was too "spicy", as Aubie calls it, because when I found him, there were 5 or 6 pieces of slobbery gum scattered around him that he had put in his mouth and spit out. Yuck!

  • It was 50's and 60's night at Cubbies one Wednesday, so I used some things I had to come up with this hippie outfit for Aubie.

Earlier that day, I had kept Jill and Wendy for Renee while Daniel had an appointment. Aubie and Jill dressed up like cowgirls and wanted a picture to document it.

  • The weekend of the 22nd, Ken came back to visit. Did I get any pictures of this visit? Nope. I forgot again. But we (the picture takers) only got to visit with him for a few hours, so if I'd had longer, I might have remembered to pull out the camera.

  • Renee and I took the kids to the Cherry Blossom Festival again this year. Check out Renee's blog for more pictures and explaining--my post is too long already ; ) Or, if you want a trip down memory lane, check out last year's post. Matthan was so tiny!

  • During the week of the Cherry Blossom Festival, David had to finish getting his tool box ready for work. This included engraving numbers on every one of his tools. Since I wanted to learn how to use an engraver, and he was worried about finishing his tool box in time, I offered to do that part for him. Writing on a hundred different pieces of metal with a tool that's vibrating a mile a minute isn't easy! But I had fun, and did a pretty good job. I'm gonna keep working on it so I can get really good.
  • And then that weekend, our church's praise team (David and I are both a part) had two nights of leading worship for various functions, which made for a very busy weekend!

  • We found the most adorable turtle in our little pond the other day. Poor thing needed a real home, so we took him down to the lake. I let Aubie hold him before we "took him to see his mommy and daddy", though. Don't worry--I made her wash her hands thoroughly after she held him!

  • Random Pictures of the kids:

So, yeah. That was March. Hopefully, it won't be the end of April before I post again : )

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Aunt Karen said...

I love Matthan's feet and toes in the gum pictures! So sweet! And Aubie contemplating the grass in the random pictures is just beautiful. I hope I don't have to wait till April's end for more!
<3 KK

Graham said...

What adorable pictures of the Plunk and Douglas clans! Each wee lad and lassie is so precious. My favorite of the group - the van photo!

Debbie B said...

Pictures of the kids are precious! I enjoyed your post!

I hope y'all have a lovely Easter Week!

Mrs. Debbie