Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the beach

Daniel will be leaving Pensacola at the end of May. So if we wanted to go to beach and have a free place to stay, we needed to go, like now. Since David didn't have to work overtime this past weekend, we thought it would be the best opportunity. So we loaded up the car and headed down Friday night. It was gonna be a very quick trip, but, its the beach, so it was worth it (to me anyway).

This is Saturday morning on the balcony. Daniel has a great view of the bay from his condo. Poor Matthan has puffy eyes due to his lack of sleep from traveling the night before.

We got good and woke up at IHOP (a still-sleepy Aubie pictured here).

And then it was off to the beach.

Matthan loved it, as I knew he would. We went back again in the evening to play in the sand a bit more, and it was very difficult keeping him from getting in the water again. Aubie and I collected pieces of sand dollars . We never found a whole, but it was fun looking for the biggest piece.

On the way home...

This is one of the best rest stops I've ever been to. Not because the bathrooms were so great, but the nice clover-filled picnic area really did allow you to "rest", even though for Matthan, "rest" means running all over the place.
Aubie showing me all the boo-boos from the weekend.

Not sure what this face was about, but it was funny.
Matthan loved seeing all the big trucks so close and he loved the little dogs that you can barely see in the right corner of the picture. He kept waving goodbye to them.
So yeah, it was a quick trip. But we had fun, and Matthan got to the beach for the first time. And now that he's been, I know we're gonna have to go back.

*Sorry "later this afternoon" turned into later this week. I couldn't seem to get all the pictures uploaded and type stuff too.
Oh, and the daytime pictures were taken by me, and the night time pictures were taken by David (except for the "crazy kids" picture).


Heather said...

Looks like you all had fun! You know, Georgia has several state parks right near the beach; we could always go camping and go to the beach together.

Saige said...

Oh, Heather, I would love that! You mean kids in tow, right? It'd be so much fun to stay with friends and since we'd be camping, we wouldn't be spending much money either. That'd be awesome.

The Rich Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I love Pensacola Beach! Of all the Beach's I've been to even Hawaii and Jamaica. Pensacola Beach had the whitest sand and most clear water of any of them!

David P. said...

Who is that extra white non-matching man in the beach pictures?? :)

Aunt Karen said...

Beautiful pictures Saige and David! I just got back from Tybee Beach and there's nothing like the ocean. So glad Matthan got to experience it. And I agree with Heather's comment. There are so many great state parks -- not just in Georgia, but SC and NC -- that have nice accommodations and would make day trips to the beach possible! xoxo KK