Monday, April 27, 2009

this is so...

Aubie has obviously inherited her mother's imagination and her Aunt Leah's love for words. Friday afternoon, I was getting the van cleaned out and ready for our trip to Pensacola. Not a very fun job, but it had to be done. Aubie and Matthan were in the van while I was cleaning it, which added to the un-fun-ness (why they wouldn't play outside, I don't know). With a very teenager-y voice, Aubie said, "This is so appelagate (u-pell-u-gut)!"
"This is so appelagate."
"Is that a word you've heard before, or did you make it up?"
"I just made it up."
"Well, what does it mean?"
"It means this is really, really boring."

My sentiments exactly. But even though cleaning out the car was "appelagate", going to the beach wasn't. So I'll be posting pictures of that later today. : )


Josh H. said...

That's amazing. I made up words when I was young too but they never sounded like real words.

Actually my made-up words were quite appelagate.

Aunt Karen said...

what a sweet, articulate girl!