Thursday, November 30, 2006

last day of November

Can you believe its December already? (well, in like 3 minutes it will be)Man, this year has flown by. Well, I guess I should post the few good pictures I got from David's party since his birthday is in November. And the party seems so long ago that if I don't post soon, then you will forget that I ever said I'd post them.

1)A picture of Daniel and my just-as-favorite cousins, Nathan and Caleb at Georgetown (a big time airsoft place somewhere far away from here--where they and David spent the dayof David's"surprise" party).
2)David's candles and his airsoft gun (in the form of a t-shirt).
3) Leah in her army green (everyone was to come as camo as possible).4) Another picture of Leah in her army green. I am not sure exactly what look she's going for here... I think she is awestruck at how much our decorating looks like the inside of a military tent. David told me all it needed was a ____________ map (I forget the word... something about strategy or something, but it sounded real professional when he said it) laying on the table and it would have looked very realistic.


kev said...

Picture category: David's Birthday Party

Number of pictures of David posted: Zero

Pretty low, Saige.

Lauren said...

Your blog is lovely. Thanks for sending me the link. You're a wonderful writer.

Saige said...

Well, in my defense, the pictures I took of David are not the greatest. Last time I posted a picture of him that I thought was cute, he acted like it was a horrible picture of him. So... in his honor, I posted absolutely no pictures of the birthday boy(except for the part of him you can see in the gun t-shirt pic).
Thanks Lauren! : )