Tuesday, April 24, 2007

where I've been...

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted (Sorry to my fellow non-MySpacers). I was so busy trying to hide the fact that I was working Tres Dias from Dorenda (my mom-in-law) who was actually attending the weekend, that I didn't have time for much else. But guess what? I was completely successful! She had absolutely NO clue. Just so you know, it's not part of the keep-things-secret bit about Tres Dias that I didn't tell her I was working. Dorenda, for those of you who don't know her, is an excellent practical-joker. Where she works, she has actually been accused of jokes that she didn't play, just because everyone knows her nature and assumes that she is always up to something (I think it's the twinkley blue eyes). I, being the( for the most part) reserved, serious person that I am, rarely enjoy a practical joke or surprise. So the last thing she expected was for me to pull one on her. I kept it hidden the entire time she was here with us before we took her to the campground, and I was so afraid that someone would come up to me and say, "I'm so glad you're working!" while we were waiting for things to get started. Nobody did, thank goodness! It wasn't until I was standing along the walkway on the trek to the kitchen for supper that she saw me with my nametag. She just stared at me and shouted, "Saige! I'm gonna get you!" There were several other surprises throughout the weekend that she said she was going to get me about, but always in a good way. She was so blessed this weekend--I am so glad that I was able to be there to see her get so ministered to. She was just glowing when the weekend was over, and when she called to say she was home safely, I could tell she was beaming through the phone. God totally blessed me while I was working too, but even if nothing special had happened specifically for me, I would have been completely happy seeing what God did for Dorenda.
The only sad thing was, she left her jacket here. Aubie came into the room holding it up and in a very distressed voice said, "Mommy, Granny leave her jacket!" She's so precious. Even if she did act like she didn't know me after not having seen me for 4 days, but went straight to Granny and gave her a BIG hug. She's still precious.
For those requesting Aubie quotes, I'll be posting a few more in the next day or so ; )

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