Wednesday, May 23, 2007

family party

Aubie had such a fun time at her family party. She actually didn't mind having another party since, as I mentioned before, she got to see all her favorite people: MarMar, MarMar, MarMar. Oh, and the rest of us (Ma, David, Me, Aunt Leah, Uncle Daniel, Graham, Pop, Elena, Aunt Jackie, Nathan, Caleb, and Uncle Mark). It was such a lovely evening! We all enjoyed the time together outside.

Here's Aubie patiently waiting for the time to open her wagon load of presents.

Aubie looking at her games from Aunt Leah and Uncle Daniel. We've already played Candyland: Dora the Explorer Edition a couple of times. Aubie really likes it! Oh, and isn't the cake great? Elena, Leah's exchange student, made it. She said her favorite part about birthday cake when she was little was the candles, so she wanted Aubie to have lots! It definitely makes for a great picture (Great job, David!).


Danna said...
Hey, it's a comment (of sorts). (Inside joke, right, Saige?)

Graham said...

I loved this day we celebrated Aubie's 3rd birthday party at Ma's. Our girl was so precious. It will be one of my favorite memories.