Sunday, April 27, 2008

no more we stop to see pretty cherry blossom...

Ok, so the pictures are backwards. This first set is actually Friday, and the second set is Tuesday. My silly blogspot page will sometimes move pics around quickly, and then other times I can't get them to move for the life of me.
Anyway, Friday we went with Mom (who had just returned from Charleston--see pics on Leah's blog) and on Tuesday, Renee, her kids, Me, and my kids all went to the Central City park to see the tigers and ride rides. Both days were fun. But I figured out last year that I'm allergic to Cherry Blossoms, and two days at the festival this year confirmed it. I came back Tuesday with little headache and stuffiness. I came home Friday with a Horrible! headache and stuffiness. How can I be allergic to one of my favorite flowers (and festivals)? Waaah. Anyway...


Because the forecast was rainy, the Cherry Blossom folks moved everything down to the Terminal Station. Everything except for the free carriage rides, that is. Since no one was downtown, we were first in line. Matthan didn't seem to be that happy sitting in the floor, but it was too shaky for me to hold his carrier in my lap.

This is the pink train inside the exhibits building. Just the sort of train Aubie loves. Pink is her favorite color, you know. (As I am reminded daily.)

Nope. I didn't get one picture of a cherry blossom. Isn't that pitiful? But we did stop at our house to get some pictures of the azaleas. Aren't these in the back yard gorgeous? (Please ignore these 2 of our neighbor's 30 cars.)

Friday was a repeat of what happened Tuesday (as you'll see further down). The day started off so gloomy, and by the end (the hottest part of the day) the sun showed up! It turned out so pretty.

(You're thinking, "Didn't she already post this picture like 3 times?" Just splitting things up so you won't get confused.)


Aubie, Jill,and Daniel all got pretty hot at the tiger show. Who knew that when the forecast said 80--the day started off sprinkley, foggy, and so, so dreary--they actually meant it?

The kids rode 2 rides and went through a bouncy something-or-other. They had so much fun. Of course the girls got the pink boat and the purple dragon.

Matthan had already eaten when we got to McDonald's so, he was left to entertain himself with his feet. Jill looks like she's still going strong, but Aubie's smile is starting to fade by this point.

And here is the picture I told Renee I would title, "Two Crazy Moms" or "What Mothers Will Do So Their Children Can Have a Day of Fun". Really, I can't remember how bad it was having 5 children aged 5 and under squished into the same minivan. I told Renee at the time (during someone's fuss about someone else having done something), that one day, we'd look back at this and laugh, and not really remember how "horrible" it was. And you know, just 3 weeks later, I've already forgotten. I just see happy kids. And maybe that's what they'll remember too.

P.S. Can you guess which movie the title is from? Its one of my favorite vintage movies (see Lyndsay's post).


zeez said...

No, I can't figure your title out! I guess I haven't seen that one?
I love you pics of the kids, my favorite is the one with Daniel, Aubie and Jill watching the tiger show. The way the girls look reminds me of a 1950's picture.
I'm so glad you're back to blogging pretty regularly now!

Renee Douglas said...

We really did have such a great day. I honestly don't remember it being horrible - it was probably the best day possible with 5 kids 5 and under. What an adventure! It was fun getting to share it with you.

becki said...

Looks like you had a fun trip! I wish the weather would shape up here so we can have some fun outings! Last friday we had 16 inches of snow and just last night we had tornados everywhere!! Just be glad you are not in South Dakota!!

karthika said...

nice picture!.....

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