Saturday, May 03, 2008

Just when you get on a roll...

My explanation to my frequent, then infrequent blogging: Naps or no naps. If Matthan gets a nap, then I get a chance to upload pictures. If he doesn't, then I don't. I'd love to make a flow chart to explain all the possibilities--if no nap, then night time, did David go to bed early?, then no blogging--but I'm sure you're not that interested, and I really don't have time for flow charts, do I?
Anyway, on with the blog.
Aunt Evelyn came to visit with Ma April 23, and while she was there we came to see her. Here's a picture of her and Matthan. (I just love that sweet smile!)

It was also MarMar's birthday that Wednesday! She has always been so generous to us--I wanted to do something special for her for her this year. So, I asked Aubie to pick out some fabric for her, and she picked out the pink frogs. There was a whole theme with all different kinds of of matching fabrics, so I thought the pink frogs could be from Aubie, and the green frogs could be from Matthan. But what to make with pink and green frogs? I was going to make a pillow, but I remembered that I had a photo album that I meant to cover and hadn't gotten around to it and realized that of course this would be much more useful than a pillow. So I pieced the frogs, added bead eyes to the big one in the middle and quilted him so he'd stand out. I was able to use the serger again, so that was extremely helpful in making it look finished.

Oh! I forgot to say what was so cool about the frogs! When we were little, Aunt Marilyn used to tell us this story about "the Little Loud Mouth Frog". It has such a cute ending. Just one of many memories of MarMar's fun stories. So when Aubie picked out this frog fabric, I thought it was so perfect--my two "little loud mouth frogs" were giving MarMar something to keep her memories in.

Here are two pictures of Aubie that I took to go in the album (these were some of the best out of several. You just never can tell when she's going to be in a photogenic mood).

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Aunt Karen said...

At first I thought the picture of Matthan and Aunt Evelyn was an old one of Aubie and her! He does look like his big sister in that one. And, yes, his smile sure is sweet. As for big sister...she looks so beautiful and contemplative in her pictures! Love, KK (Loved the frog story and gift! Happy belated birthday, MarMar!)