Thursday, March 04, 2010

wedding bot

My future cousin-in-law, Kat, suggested that we do a swap back at Christmas. She'd make me a scarf, and I could make her a robot shirt sorta like the one seen here. Well, Christmas came and went. I had my scarf, but poor Kat didn't have her shirt. Organizing the house, sicknesses of various kinds, and fear of making a shirt for a New Yorker working for a designer, all kept me from getting started. After receiving the sweetest letter from her, I finally found the courage to just do it, and send it, no matter what it looked like.
I had always wanted to make a detachable veil for the robot, since she and my cousin were getting married very soon. Now that the wedding is next week, I have finally completed the project and it will be there in time for her to wear it only once before the wedding. :( Oh well. At least she'll have it before the wedding! I used an 80's-ish cut tshirt in case it's too big for her, so she can make it look as though it's meant to be big. I also made her a little robot tag for the present. Hope she can use at least one of these two items!


Karen said...

I love it! Kat will, too, I'm sure.

Miss Debbie said...

Hey Saige! Just so you know, I check your blog nearly every day for updates. I enjoy keeping up with you.